How To Travel With Your Sports Equipment

If you are what some may consider to be a rabid sports fan then you may be trying to work sports into your next vacation. If you are planning on enjoying a game of basketball or football, it is more than likely that you might want to bring along some stuff with you. Did you ever know that there are restrictions to what you can bring, especially since 911? If you are trying to plan on bringing stuff like sporting equipment with you, you should be ready for what the rules are for what you can bring.

Golf is an activity that many travelers like to participate in and many golfers enjoy playing on different courses they find when they travel. If you are trying to travel with your set of golf clubs, you will more than likely need to check them as baggage. All airlines now days have a ban on golf clubs being allowed on the plane. Due to what a set of clubs costs, you might want to leave them at home or get proper protection. If you are going to a golf resort or traveling to another great location, there is a great possibility that you will most likely be able to rent a set of clubs to use.

In addition to golf many people enjoy playing baseball. Like a set of clubs, bats are banned on the airplanes as well for obvious reasons. If you going to try and enjoy a game of baseball, on your next time off, you will most likely want to take necessary pre cautions to getting secure protection for your equipment . Even though bats are banned on planes, there are no rules of other items, many to be cleats, baseballs, tees and many others. For your own concern, you may want to protect these items in the same bag or bags as your other gear.

Oh and of course if you are planning on going on a hunting trip, on your own free time, you will always need to keep your gear in checked baggage. All guns, bows and the items that go along with them are not allowed on the planes at any time. If you try and go through security with these items you may be caught and or arrested or wait further questioning.

Other sporting gear that is illegal on board an aircraft may be hockey sticks/ pucks pool cues, skis/ ski poles and many others. Again, if you are worried about the safety of your gear then take measurable means to secure it. As stated above, there is some gear that you just can’t bring, but other rules are not so clear. You need to be aware of what you can bring and what you can’t bring on an air plane before your arrival at the airport.

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