My Husband Got Me Interested in Formula One Racing

My husband has been a Formula One racing fan for longer than I have known him. When we met, I was not interested at all in watching cars go round and round a track, and that did not change quickly. I would sit there and read a magazine though while he was watching any given race, and I would hear his commentary. He can be quite funny with it, and that is because he is so passionate about the sport. Slowly over time, I started picking up interesting tidbits about the race, and I soon started watching with him instead of looking at a magazine.

One of the things I find most interesting about the racing teams is that they have to construct the car themselves. They can have help with the design of it, so that makes it a bit easier for them. I was able to learn about the design of the chassis as well as the different types of engines from my husband. While all of that is interesting, because the design of the car is just as important as the skill of the person who is driving it, I was and continue to be more interested in the people behind the cars.

When it is racing season, my husband and I often have to fight for the sports section of the paper. We both have our favorite websites we go to as well to get information on the drivers and cars. My husband has his favorite driver, but he is more about the car than the man driving it. I am the opposite. I enjoy hearing about the cars and knowing why certain cars handle the way they do, but I like reading about the drivers themselves. Twenty years ago, I would have laughed if I could have seen myself on racing day now!